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We’re Yair and Eyal, two enthusiastic digital coal miners, with a passion for digital marketing, strategy, execution, data and analysis - in the music field.


We feel that musicians, generally speaking, lack knowhow and expertise in the digital world, a world that can expand their audience day by day. We feel it because we’ve been working with musicians for years. We aim to change that.


Using the vast experience we've both gathered in the music and startup fields, we want musicians to expand their knowledge in the digital fields, to help them grow and reach new listeners.


. We also want to assist SMB's in stretching boundaries and further investigating their uniqueness.


So what is it that we do? Well, we come with knowledge and experience and we’re here to teach and/or guide all the digital nomads out there.

Educating Musicians for the Digital World

One thing we’ve learned along the way is that musicians and craftsmen in the fields of art usually prefer to ignore the depths of the digital marketing world. We’ve realized that the lack of knowledge and sometimes even the lack of curiosity can be easily solved by... education. So we’ve built an array of frontal courses (soon to be digital too!), that covers all sorts of subjects, from planning and executing a Facebook ads campaign, to newsletter communication, influencers marketing, community management and much more.

Facebook Ads Course

The course is an introduction to the world of Facebook paid promotion for musicians and small businesses. We will dive to facebook structure, types of posts, how a campaign is structured - audiences, interests, audience research, pixels, building audiences from scratch or a little more, Measurement, metrics, KPIs. The entire course will lie between the strategic planning of a campaign from all aspects, to its actual implementation.

The course spreads over four sessions of 3-4 hours (12-16 hours in total) in Tel Aviv for small groups (12 people). Detailed course syllabus listed below.

Lecturers: Eyal Bason, Yair Yona

12-16 hours over 4 sessions
Small group of up to 15 people per course
Avraham Hostel (Levontin St 21, Tel Aviv)


The Eye in the Sky - Overseeing Your Digital Campaigns

In our 16 years of campaign management, we realized that our clients’ needs weren’t necessarily in campaign planning, but more in campaign overview management. Do you know a dentist who fills his or her own cavity? Neither do we. That’s where we fit in.


EYBY specializes in executing a planning-performing-analyze-planning cycle in online campaigns. Do you have a digital marketing team onboard? Super! We’re here to empower and guide them. Read the numbers, revisit your creative, understand the leaks in the pipeline. You can see us as a human plugin to accelerate processes and suggest the fine tunings that will save you money.

Guest lectures, day-long workshops and meetups

We love inspiring people. We love that ‘aha’ moment we see in their eyes when brilliant concepts are being presented to them. We are always happy to build custom-made lectures for specific events, panels, or festivals. Like thieves in the night, we like to be sneaked into events, create an ‘Aha’ moment and enjoy the backstage fruit basket. Contact us here to talk about your event.

Also, from time to time we love to conduct day-long workshops and meetups, for a more general survey of important concepts.

Meet-ups & workshops

  • Music as Your Business: Diving into the biz plan
    One of the misconceptions regarding artistic pursuits is that artists cannot be businessmen. That might be true in the sense that not everyone is Richard Branson, but still, musicians and artists can easily adopt basic concepts on how to treat their craft as a business. The trick of working on both the micro and the macro levels can be the single life-changing factor. It can lead to better money and time management, help define goals and ways to execute them, improve your communication on social networks and more. However, more than anything, it will bring a sense of calm and control. In this meetup, we'll survey the basics of a business plan as a blueprint for planning and operating your arts business.
  • Newsletters
    Newsletters are one of the most efficient ways to reach your audience - if it they're well built, and frequently engaged. The costs are practically zero and the results can be stunning. Implementing a clever newsletter strategy as both a growth and a retention engine can bring incredible results. In this meetup we'll cover the basics of the pros and cons of email marketing (and why it is even more relevant in the age of Facebook). We'll suggest ways to collect emails, talk about content creation, the importance of numbers and suggest tips and hacks.
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Whether you are running a website, a landing page, Wix or Wordpress - you know the importance of collecting data. But the question is - how do we avoid 'data puking'? How can we keep the data relevant by asking the right questions and carrying out the right actions as a result? In this meetup, we'll run through an overview of the important metrics in Google Analytics, the leading platform for measuring user behavior online, sharpen our thought methodologies, and learn about important concepts for staying on top of the numbers.
  • "The weakest part in the chain" >> funnels, measurments and conclusions
    In our digital activity, we often treat something we do as a single action, unrelated to the whole. Posting on occasions, building a landing page, uploading an in-studio video etc. However, our actions should be considered parts of a chain of actions that will lead to something. That something is a goal - be it small or giant. There should always be something on the horizon that our actions will serve. The best and most effective way to look at our activities is like a funnel, comprised of different elements - the steps on the way. When they are viewed as a funnel, it allows our analysis to determine easily where the weakest part of the chain is and to improve it. In this meetup we'll review the concept of funnel planning and overview, show different funnels in the digital roadmap + how to measure them and learn how to keep track of the results and analyze them.
  • Influencer Marketing
    On Dec 25th, 2006, Time Magazine's Person of the Year was: YOU. 'You Control the Information Age'. The digital world changed the rules and made it possible for ordinary people to influence others using digital communities of all sorts. We don't need titles, education or reputation - we are the influencers of the modern age. Over 10 years of diverse social networks, more and more people became leaders of communities that take them seriously and engage with their content. In this meetup, we'll discuss the basic concepts of influencer marketing, talk about how it used to be, how Social Networks changed the rules, the do's and don'ts when approaching influencers and more.
  • Branding
    Artists don't like to think of themselves as something that should be marketed. "We're not a product", they say. If that was true, artists would perform free and give away their music for free, and resist any earnings from their music. However, money is a part of the game and transactions are made, and we are selling a product here. Whether it's a song, an album or yourself as an artist, the visual and textual elements that are attached to your publications on social networks and other places make a huge difference. That's where branding become relevant. In this meetup we'll discuss how to understand our USP (Unique Selling Proposition), understand the market we're operating in and its audience and from there develop a unique language, visual concepts and a community.
  • Facebook advertising - glance at advanced subjects
    Facebook Ads is an omnipotent system. It can be the deal breaker of a career, given that the content that is being fed to the system is ace. Being an enormous data center, Facebook ads can be used and tweaked and hacked in various creative ways to achieve more for less. In this meetup we'll present advanced aspects of the system and learn how to tame the beast for our own needs.

Who are we?

We are Yair Yona and Eyal Bason, two people who breathe digital and data and believe that in today's world, small businesses owners can and should know the digital playground.

Together we aim to teach beginners and improve the advanced in terms of their use in the worlds of sponsored advertising, social networks, community building, digital content creation and more, in order to empower and show that you can navigate confidently and professionally and produce far beyond what sometimes looks like the scary maze where only someone who knows how to make a computer from scratch can engage in it.

In a series of courses on various subjects at different levels, we invite you to poke our brains.

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